The New Entrance: Then and Now

St. Mark’s main sanctuary, constructed in 1956, was a traditional Gothic design. Seen from overhead, the building was shaped like a cross. There were matching smaller chapels on each side towards the front of the building. Parishioners entered the church from two doors at the rear of the building.

This blueprint shows the church from overhead in 1993. The area in red is where the new entrance was constructed.

The St. Mark’s facility was massively remodeled in 1993, and part of that remodel was to turn the Gospel side chapel into a new entrance at the front of the church. The pictures show this transformation better than words!

Then: This is looking towards the church from the east side in 1993. The Chapel is to the left. The low part of the building to the left were music offices.
Now: This is the entrance now from the east. The Chapel is still to the left, the music offices are gone, and the labyrinth has been added to the courtyard.
Then: The entrance to the original small chapel is on the left. The original chapel, including the both archways, is still there. The building was just extended. You can also see the entrance to the old music offices.
Then: On the left, the original small chapel. The four lower stained glass windows were relocated to St. Mark’s Chapel.
Now: On the right, the new entrance.
Then: These 1993 construction pictures show the demolition of the small offices on the left, and the removal of the wall of the original chapel.
Then: Construction of the extension to create the new entrance.

Change is always hard. The new entrance was very controversial in 1993, and some people were very upset at the alterations made to the original structure and design of the building. The new entrance does have its logistical problems, but it is used constantly and, especially during the pandemic, has become a vital part of our Sunday worship.

Palm Sunday
Easter Vigil
Sunday Worship


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Blueprints for Remodel of St. Mark’s Church, Palo Alto; St. Mark’s Archive; 1993

Photos; All from St. Mark’s Archive


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