At St. Marks, we believe that spiritual formation is a lifelong process. It doesn't start or stop at a particular age; rather, it takes us on a winding journey of exploration and discovery. It holds not only a long term vision for our lives, but also a moment-to-moment invitation to Christlikeness. Just as we practice musical instruments, exercise our bodies, or hone new vocational skills, we’re called by God to deepen our lives of faith on an ongoing basis, both as individuals and as a community.

Formation is everything we do, intentional or not, that shapes who we are as the beloved community of God's children. Prayer, meditation, worship, scripture study, sacred reading, holy conversation, and table fellowship are just a few of the ways we can grow and develop as followers of Christ.  

Our hope at St. Mark's is to create viable and engaging opportunities for all of us to root ourselves more deeply in Christian tradition and practice; to understand ourselves and our neighbors through the intellectual, emotional and spiritual discernment of God’s presence in our lives; and to apply this knowledge both individually and corporately in our daily practice of the Christian faith.

To this end, we offer a variety of opportunities and resources for adult formation, as indicated on the pages linked below.

You can also find upcoming small group meetings on the Events Calendar.