St. Mark’s Hosts Teacher’s Dinner in 1952

St. Mark’s was proud to show off its newly completed Parish Hall to the Palo Alto community on Thursday, September 18, 1952. The occasion was the Palo Alto School District’s fourth annual dinner to welcome new teachers and staff to the district (Palo Alto Times).

Canon West served as the evening’s host, delivering the invocation and benediction. The featured speaker was Henry M. Gunn, who was then superintendent of Palo Alto’s school system.

DInner was served at 7pm by the St. Mark’s Young People’s Fellowship. The food was prepared by members of the the Women’s Auxiliary. It was a proud moment for St. Marks. In just four years the church had grown from a small group meeting at the community center theater, to being able to host 400 people for an important event in the Palo Alto community.

In this picture from the 1952 teacher’s dinner, the Parish Hall stage still existed and served as the podium for the featured guests. In the upper left hand corner of the picture people are standing in the opening of what was then the Fireside Room and original church kitchen (St. Mark’s Archives).
(Palo Alto Times)


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