Rogation Sunday – 1949

Traditionally celebrated on the fifth Sunday after Easter with processions and prayers, Rogation Sunday invites people “to ask for blessing – for a particular place, for all its inhabitants; for every endeavor to promote the common good” (What is Rogation Sunday?). The Book of Common Prayer describes it as a time “especially devoted to asking for God’s blessing on agriculture and industry.” (Book of Common Prayer).

Although we no longer celebrate this feast day, St. Mark’s celebrated it in 1949. They asked for blessing of their newly created campus, their newly planted trees, and their newly created parish, as well as all of the endeavors to come. These slides found in the archive offer a great look at the Rogation Day festivities as well as the neighborhood in 1949.

Acolytes and Junior Choir preparing for the Rogation procession. The cottage in the background was the original farm cottage on the property and was used as a Rectory and Office.
The procession…acolytes, choir, and Sunday School!
The Rev. E. Tanner Brown (to right of flags) officiated.
This picture looks towards downtown Midtown. At the corner of Colorado Avenue and Middlefield, you can just see the Bungalow Market.


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