May 1981 – The Messenger

St. Mark’s was in the midst of the rummage sale, and parishioner Connie Bosza noted that it was the 62nd St. Mark’s rummage sale she had worked on! Rector Colin Campbell noted that “both the work that goes into a rummage sale and the work that is supported through the proceeds of a rummage sale add up over the years to quite a witness.”

The Vestry was sponsoring a Town Meeting to explore the concept of mutual ministry in the body of Christ.

The Choir accompanied by an orchestra was performing Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespers on May 30th at 8pm. Music Director Joe Hanson was conducting a forum to explain the music and also using some of the pieces in that month’s worship services.

Associate Brad Hall was to be ordained to the priesthood on June 1st.

Bishop Swing invited 7-12th graders to spend the day with him at Trinity Church in San Francisco for games, music and a musical called “Kids.” Kids in grades 1-6 were invited to attend Rally Day at Grace Cathedral, an annual evnt that included fun, games, tours of the cathedral, face painting and more.

Mary Beth Train provided an update on the Truong family from Malasia, sponsored to come to the United States by St. Mark’s. She reported that the family was attending English classes six hours a day and a computer class four nights a week. One daughter was attending beauty college, and five of the 11 children were attending El Carmelo in the ESL program. The church asked for help with scholarships to enable the children to attend summer school.

Outreach announced that St. Mark’s had successfully raised enough funds to send 4 1/4 goats to families in low income farming areas around the world through the Heifer Project.

The Hunger Task Force invited those interested to attend a lunch to brainstorm future activities. Ideas included sharing extra produce from their own homes, a course on Gardens and Caring for the Adult Sunday School, a Unicef dinner and a cooperative garden at St. Mark’s.


St. Mark’s Archive; St. Mark’s Church; Palo Alto, CA

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