May, 1952 – Vestry Minutes

The Vestry met on May 21, 1952. Canon West was the Rector. This month’s meeting focused on financial and building concerns. A letter from Robert E. Clarke let the church know that he was donating a landscape gift in memory of Mrs. Clarke and would pay the salary of a part-time gardener for a set period of time to care for the garden.

Canon West let the Vestry know he had heard that the building next to the cottage on the church property might be sold. Mr. Poole was delegated by the Vestry to look into the possibility of having a “friend” purchase the property and hold it for eventual sale to the church.

Mr. Poole let the Vestry know that he had been contacted by an individual who wanted to build apartments on Byron Street, and wanted the church to sign a petition to push for rezoning of the area from “2 to 3” so that the minimum size of the apartments would be 1500 square feet instead of 2000 square feet per unit. Mr. Poole had consulted the South Palo Alto Corporation and they did not recommend the rezoning, although the rumor was that the City Planning Commission did favor the rezoning. The Vestry drafted a letter to the City Council objecting to the rezoning.

There was a lengthy discussion of the money owed to the South Palo Alto Corporation for recent construction:

  • Cost of recent Parish Hall construction – $81,346.95
  • Cost of Rectory – $25,610.85
  • Cost to parishioners for land purchase – $ 7,000.00
  • Cost of Parish Hall Chairs – $ 3,052.62

The total funds needed were $117,210.42 and the church had managed to raise $108.900.43…leaving a balance of $10,309.99. The Vestry decided they needed to have a Building Fund Drive. A letter was drafted to the parish, a potluck supper was planned, and the sale of Baby Bonds was suggested with 150 each of $2, $5, and $10 denominations. The goal was to get the widest possible participation in the canvas for funds so that everyone in the congregation would feel “a greater part of the development of the church.”


Vestry Minutes; 1948-1956; St. Mark’s Church, Palo Alto, CA – pg. 147

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