Sunday forum, June 6th: “God, Our Founding Fathers and The Supreme Court” with Professor Margalynne Armstrong

Sunday June 6 please join us at the 11:30am forum, “God, our founding fathers and the supreme court.”

A recent series of notable Supreme Court decisions – such as lifting COVID-19 restrictions on religious services held in private homes, offering tax benefits to religious schools, exempting religious schools from employment discrimination laws, etc. – have given religious Americans some notable victories.

How do we feel about that?

Professor Margalynne Armstrong of Santa Clara University School of Law, in conversation with Lisa Krieger, will briefly summarize these cases – and what’s driving them.

To create context and guide the conversion, she’ll answer some important historical questions: Why did our founding fathers believe that there needed to be a separation of church and state in the newly formed United States? What was their faith – and did they, as is often asserted, establish the country as a “Christian nation”? Is ‘God’ mentioned into the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Federalist papers? 

Bring your own questions, and remember to find the Zoom link in the email sent on Sunday morning to parishioners.

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