St. Mark's 2023 Stewardship Campaign

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Stewardship Spotlight week 7 – Peter Kidder and Lynn Johnson

As the quote by a Jesuit priest goes, "It's not joy that makes us grateful, it's gratitude that ...
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Stewardship spotlight, week 6 – LeeAnne Mcdermott

I recently told someone how much I love writing about the history of St. Mark’s. “Why” they asked? ...
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stewardship spotlight, week 5 – the children of St. Mark’s

This week for Stewardship highlight we A-Spire to be more open minded and generous of heart like the ...
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Stewardship SPotlight, week 4 – from Anne Callahan

Someone recently asked, “How can we steward each other?”. Being good stewards includes sharing our gifts and inviting ...
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Stewardship Spotlight, week 3 – from Pat Roberts

Planting a tree represents hope for the future!
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Stewardship Spotlight, week 2 – from Rebecca Lyman

Stewardship is one of the ways we witness to our faith and take action as a result ofdwelling ...
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thanks for a great stewardship brunch!

Thanks to all who helped create a festive, informative, uplifting Stewardship Brunch (especially Maestras of Munchies Mego, Michele, ...
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Stewardship Spotlight – Week 1 – from Katie Fantin

I am grateful that St Mark's is a place of prayer and compassion. On Sunday mornings we pray ...
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