Debie Thomas

Minister of Lifelong Formation and Discipleship

Debie Thomas

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As a minister of formation and discipleship for the parish, I work with the clergy and staff to create opportunities for people of all ages to grow spiritually, and to go both deep and wide in our relationships with God and with each other.  The busyness of Silicon Valley life can make developing our contemplative lives a challenge, but my prayer is that we can still find fun and meaningful ways to seek the love, wisdom, hope, and justice of God in community.

A little bit about me: I grew up in Boston, the daughter and granddaughter of evangelical pastors, and the child of South Asian immigrants.  My husband and our two children moved to Palo Alto in 2013 and were very happy to find St. Mark’s.  I served as the Director of Children’s and Family Ministries here for six years before transitioning to my current position, and alongside my work at the church, I write for various magazines about scripture, faith, and contemporary Christian life.  I’m excited to dream and work towards our spiritual formation in this vibrant community.