Time for Lenten Book-Read and Downloadable Devotional

Lent is almost here!  During this sacred season, please join us in reading The Lives We Actually Have: 100 Blessings for Imperfect Days, by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie. This beautiful collection of creative blessings will inspire hope, even as it acknowledges our real and often messy lives

The Lenten Devotional booklet we will be using alongside Kate Bowler’s The Lives We Actually Have has thoughtful, prayerful offerings for every day in Lent, and we’ll be sharing about these in two Forums this season: February 18 and March 3. (Come whether you’ve read or not!) Please access the Lenten Devotional booklet HERE

If you need a hard copy of the Lenten Devotional booklet mailed home to you, please email Debie Thomas (debie@saint-marks.com).

You can purchase the Kate Bowler book The Lives We Actually Have itself (which the Lenten Devotional booklet refers to) from any of your favorite booksellers. There is a form online (or email debie@saint-marks.com) if you would like St. Mark’s to purchase the book for you: HERE.

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