February, 1959 – Vestry Minutes

60 years ago, the Vestry decided to tentatively ratify the annual budget of $68,170 for 1959 (an optimistic 15% increase over the previous year’s budget), pending how contributions came in during the first few months of the year. (Note: They did not make it and ended up slightly in the red with $62,418 in expenses against $61,730 in revenue).

The Senior Warden (Mr. Toby Plough) and the Rector (Canon Edwin West) were delegated to visit the Diocese to explain to Bishop Pike why St. Mark’s would not be able to afford to meet the Bishop’s request for a voluntary 10% increase in the Diocesan Pledge and Assessment due to the tight budget. The request would have added $690 to the $6,900 budgeted Diocesan contribution.

No progress had been made in the ongoing problem of the steeple leaking into the sanctuary, especially when it was windy and rainy.

The Vestry Clerk was instructed to write a letter thanking the Palo Alto Fire Department for “their prompt assistance” in minimizing damage when the furnace caught fire!


Vestry Minutes – 1956-1965, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Palo Alto, CA., February, 1959

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