Cooking Class

This photo was labeled “Cooking Class.” Gretchen Emmons, Sue Anderson and Rags Kelly are fifth, sixth and seventh from left in the front row. Help us identify everyone else in this picture and let us know if you remember what kind of a cooking class it was!

This was taken in the original church kitchen that was located off the Parish Hall on the park side.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Class”

  1. A year or so after Joe Morris Doss became rector, we invited June Soniat, a Creole chef and cookbook author from his old parish in New Orleans, to come prepare a Creole meal for Mardi Gras. Some faces should be familiar: Gretchen Emmons and Maureen Kennedy, for example. I’ll list others in another post.

  2. Wonderful photo! Gretchen’s husband, Bruce Emmons, is the tall fellow in the photo in the back row (white shirt and tie).

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