Confirmation 1957

Here’s the confirmation class of 1957!! The confirmation took place at St. Mark’s on April 11th, 1957. Bishop Henry Shires is sitting in the front row (7th from left). Canon West is sitting next to Bishop Shires. Please help us identify any of the other people in this picture!! And yes….girls had to wear white and cover their heads!

Here’s a list of the kids that were confirmed that day:

The boys:

Edmund Abadie, Peter Black, Robert Frampton, Jeffrey Gould, Robert Ireland, William Ireson, William Macphee, Robert Martin, Christian Miller, Lanny Montero, William Neall, George Rawson, Merrill Spalding, Peter Waddell, Robert Wing, John Zinke

The girls:

Marianne Blackburn, Marsha Broadwell, Clare Browne, Susan Davitt, Lynn Dunbar, Sherrell Everett, Charilyn Griffin, Megan Hall, Donna Hardin, Ann Hastings, Pamela Himsworth, Diane Huntsberger, Patricia IReland, Barbara Janin, Bonnie MacKenzie, Corice Marley, Susan Nelson, Daisy “Dee” Palmer, Bonnie Porterfield, Tracy Redlick, Maria Ruegg, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Stanton, Cynthia Stringer, Carol Zinn

Adults baptised that day were:


Edwin Applegate, Cartier Blackburn, Haeberlin Griffith-Hall, William Killefer, Emory LIsh, Earl Miller, William Montavon, James Phelps, George Rawson, Stewart Reed


Vivian Danz, Marilyn Dutil, Katherine Hawkins, Margaret Huntsberger, Frances Morrin, Shirley Rawson


3 thoughts on “Confirmation 1957”

  1. I believe the girl in the confirmation class, 2nd row from the top on the right hand side as we face the photo, standing next to the elderly woman wearing a suit, is Margaret Smith. She would have been 16 or 17 and was my neighbor and friend. My sister, Lyn, and I were confirmed by Bishop Pike in an earlier service. Anna Kley

    1. LeeAnne McDermott

      Thank you Anna! I found the list of everyone confirmed that day and added those. Maybe the names will help you and others recognize more people!

  2. Hi LeeAnne – 2 small things: the first meeting you mentioned to begin organizing St. Mark’s was held at my parents’ home at 540 Seale Avenue, not Seale Street. They were Flora & Bill Klay, and that’s my last name too, Klay, not Kley. I do recall them saying they left All Saints on Waverley Ave. because All Saints wasn’t “child friendly”. Again, thank you for doing all of this history. Anna

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