angel icon – amber hendry

Amber Rose Hendry, daughter of Lyn Klay (a member of one of St. Mark’s original founding families) and niece of Anna Klay (Lyn’s sister), attended St. Mark’s in the 1990’s. Amber died at the age of 21 on February 6th of 1994 when she stopped to help a stranded motorist on the Bay Bridge and was hit by a car. In honor of her memory, Amber’s family planted the rose garden that lies behind the chapel, and created a beautiful angel icon to remember Amber’s life and her wonderful spirit and to honor the feminine divine at St. Mark’s. Amber is buried in the All Souls Garden. Please visit Amber’s memorial at the rear of the St. Mark’s Chapel.

Angel icon at the top of rear wall on St. Mark’s Chapel.

Click here to visit Amber’s memorial on Find-A-Grave.


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