25th anniversary celebration

St. Mark’s celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special service in May of 1973. In this picture, it appears they are about to cut a celebratory cake. Help us identify the people in this picture or tell us what you remember about this celebration!


3 thoughts on “25th anniversary celebration”

  1. Michael Mendelson

    I am searching for a photo of Monumental Brass Quintet which appeared in the Prince Georges County Sentinal, I believe in 1985, advertising a concert at the church.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    Sincerely yours,
    Michael J Mendelson

    1. LeeAnne McDermott

      Michael…I haven’t seen anything like that, but we are currently organizing the boxes of information in the archive as well as those that have been donated. I will keep an eye out for this.

  2. Hi LeeAnne – I recognize 3 people but can only remember the name of one, Mr. Brenner, husband of Amybelle Brenner. They lived across the street from my family on Seale Avenue. He is the man whose profile is shown, wearing glasses, 4th from the right side of the photo. I recognize the lovely blond girl right in front of him, facing the camera, and also the young woman with dark hair standing right behind the priest. Sadly I cannot recall their names now. The Brenners were very active in the church until Mr. Brenner died and Amybelle had some issues. anna.klay7@gmail.com

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