Who we are, Our Mission Statement

We are an extended family of loving people bound by faith in Christ. We seek to deepen our relationship with God, strengthen our faith community, support each other, and serve our neighbors. We do this by celebrating our faith through meaningful liturgy and prayer, sharing our stories and traditions, and participating in ministries of fellowship, compassion and justice.


Children’s Ministries

For children ages 5-11, we offer a Children’s Chapel during the 10am service. Kids gather for a time of prayer, music, and Bible lessons in a multi-age setting. Children’s Chapel ends in time for kids to gather at the altar and receive Communion with their parents. Children who prefer to stay with their parents throughout the morning service are welcome to draw from the provision of children’s bulletins, crayons, and clipboards available at the sanctuary entrance.

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Youth Ministries

Youth are always welcome during Sunday morning services. The young people of our parish may also assist in regular services by being an acolyte or help with children’s programs. There are also special occasions where the youth can lead services on Sunday morning or at parish events.

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Pastoral Care/Inreach

As a community, we seek to support one another, specifically in times of need. Maintaining confidentiality, the Inreach Committee connects volunteers with the practical needs (transportation, meals, etcetera) of those requesting assistance.

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Members of St. Mark’s have experienced a wide variety of spiritual traditions, including no tradition. With people at various places in their spiritual journeys we offer various ways to deepen one’s faith and practice. We “welcome the faithful, the seeker, and the doubter.” God’s wide embrace invites us all to grow together. We hope you enter fully into worship, feel free to receive Holy Communion, and meet other members of the community.

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