Youth Group Update

Come to “Zooth Group” Sundays at 11:15am to share highs, lows, and hopes! Pray together to celebrate, support and lift up one another!

Last Sunday at Zooth Group we discussed the Parable of Two Sons, and these lessons:

  • God cares more about what we DO than what we SAY
  • When God wants us to behave a certain way, it’s because those actions are good for us and the world
  • Knowing what God wants for us, and trusting in God’s goodness, requires a relationship with God
  • We can build a relationship with God through prayer, Scripture reading, and engaging with church community

We watched this video from LUMO depicting the parable.

We listened to the song Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective Experiment.

(This is one of Lily’s favorite Christian bands and she encourages all youth and families to check them out!)