Worldwide Anglican Communion gathering of bishops at Lambeth, 26 July – 08 August 2022

From 26 July – 08 August 2022, the decennial gathering of bishops from across the global Anglican Communion will be taking place in the Diocese of Canterbury in England. Colloquially known as the Lambeth Conference, this is the first gathering the Communion bishops since 2008, due to delays resulting from provincial controversies and the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us may be unfamiliar with the Lambeth Conference, its history, and its significance for our parish lives as Episcopalians. The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church has published a special issue in honor of Lambeth 2022 giving some of the history and context for the gathering. It is free for pdf download at the button below. All are encouraged to become familiar with this important gathering of the Church in its Anglican and global form, in order to pray for wisdom among the bishops and to receive the calls of Lambeth in our parish life.