Why We Do What We Do: A Walk Through the LIturgy

Do you have questions about how we worship? Do you ever wonder why we use the songs, prayers, and readings we use in liturgy? Or why we cross ourselves? Or why priests wear different colors at different times of the year?  What’s a “Collect?” What’s a “Proper?” Why do we repeat certain phrases in the liturgy? What even is “the liturgy?”  

If you’re curious about such things, please bring your questions to “A Walk Through the Liturgy” with Rev. Nikky Wood on Sunday, October 25th at 4pm. We will gather outside on the church parking lot (masked and socially distanced) and talk about why we worship in the particular ways we do at St. Mark’s. This is a Q&A time that is open for everyone, particularly children and teens. Bring your questions, and join us!