Our St. Mark’s delegates need to hear from you! Terry Moore, Bert Bell, Carla Bliss, Matthew Burt, Jonathan Harvey, and Mildred Jones will be casting votes representing our entire community at the Bishop Electing Convention on December 2  – and they need feedback from us. Please read about the three candidates here and watch one of the Meet & Greets here. And then let one of our delegates know what you’re thinking! They will stand up at church so you can see who they are and talk with them – and you can also share your feedback via email to Rev. Nancy, who will make sure they all receive it: nancy@saint-marks.com

It is important for us to consider who is called for our Bishop, reflecting our goals and values in this decision. Our community is not – and does not want to be – an island, but part of the work of the whole toward how our “Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement” (quoting Presiding Bishop Michael Curry!) furthers the Gospel mission. Our new Bishop can be of great impact in this work.

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