Stewardship spotlight week 3 – From the wellers

When David and I moved to Palo Alto, one of the first things we did was take a stroll around the neighborhood. We crossed Middlefield Road, and saw a beautiful Episcopal church with stained glass windows and a big “Black Lives Matter” banner in the front. There’s no way we could have known just how much this church would come to bless us.

Nearly five years have passed since that first walk David and I took that stroll around the neighborhood. There have been highs and lows throughout the years– but the love and community that we found at St. Mark’s have been constant throughout. Even during the pandemic, when we couldn’t gather in that beautiful building with the stained glass windows, St. Mark’s has been a rock for our spiritual and mental health.

Our financial support of St. Mark’s is a small way for us to give back to this community that has meant so much to us. When we fill out our pledge card each year, I can’t help but hope that our investment will help the next person who strolls by, looking for a place to belong.