Thoughts On Stewardship – Carol Scott

Carol Scott has been a member of St. Mark’s for 10 years, has served on the vestry and has loved being part  of the stewardship effort for years.  At work, she continues to teach non-degree seminars at UCLA as a professor emeritus, and does consulting work.  She is married to Christian Pease, and they have one well-loved daughter who lives and works in  Washington, D.C.  Whenever possible, she is outdoors enjoying the beautiful Peninsula landscape.

Welcome to the season of stewardship, or what I like to call ‘gratitude’ month —  a time for all of us to reflect on the blessings we receive from being a part of the St. Mark’s community and on our part in being good stewards of it. 

What a year it has been for all of us, and especially for the St. Mark’s community. Who would have thought back in March that we would have been out of the church sanctuary and without the sustaining food of the Eucharist for so long?   And yet, through the heroic efforts of our clergy and staff, talented choir, ‘techies’ and so many others, we have remained strong and connected to our faith.  Is it just me, or have the sermons this year during this time of trial been especially powerful?  Has the music ever sounded as wonderful and inspiring?  Even when logging on to the You Tube streaming service each Sunday, I feel connected seeing so many of our parishioners and friends from far and wide greet each other and participate in what might otherwise seem to be an impersonal chat box.  I greatly miss attending the live services in the chapel and the sanctuary, the Eucharist, and especially the gatherings such as the fall Ministry Faire and the Stewardship chili and cornbread brunch.  But, I am so grateful for the opportunities the church has created for us to still find ways to connect with each other and to welcome old friends and new comers.

Being a good steward literally means “to tend to” or “to care for”, and we are reminded that a strong community does not just happen by itself.  It takes all of us to create and sustain the community ‘well’ from which we draw healing grace, mercy, and strength to take on the challenges of living in this world as the Christians we are called to be.

During this season of gratitude, I hope we can each take some time to consider our role as stewards of St. Mark’s.  Our budget for 2021 will be challenging as space use rental income will likely still be below typical levels, the ability to welcome new parishioners in person will remain somewhat restricted, the in-person passing of the plate to support our outreach efforts is curtailed, and some St. Mark’s parishioners may be facing economic hardships.  As always, we are grateful for whatever support you can provide to keep our community strong and vibrant.

Carol Scott

Stewardship Co-Chair