Thoughts On Stewardship by Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller lives in Los Altos with her husband John. She works at West Valley College as the director of a program that provides support for students with disabilities. She loves to garden and, not surprisingly, is a co-chair of the Flower Guild at St. Mark’s. Biking, long walks, and good pizza are her other passions.

My name is Cheryl Miller. I came to St. Mark’s about 10 years ago, following my two very good friends, Anna and April, who had already made the transition to St. Mark’s from another local Episcopal church.  I remember the first service that I was invited to attend with Anna. It was the Good Friday service—a quiet, contemplative service with alternating readings, personal stories and hymns. Afterwards, we walked the labyrinth.

I had been very involved in my previous church, teaching Godly Play, leading a Covenant Group, taking bible study classes, participating in women’s retreats, and I didn’t feel ready for that level of commitment. Slowly, I began to attend one service at St. Marks’, then another, then a Newcomer’s dessert get-together. I started to greet people at church by name and before long, I was no longer sitting on the sidelines. St. Mark’s had welcomed me into the community.

I am grateful for St. Mark’s, especially now when we cannot gather. St. Mark’s has given us so many ways to keep connected: virtual service and now the 5pm outdoor service, delivering a meal to a new mother or an ill parishioner, cooking a meal for Hotel de Zink, joining a Sacred Ground dialogue circle, coloring a page in Lily’s traveling journal… One simple act that Darby Dye told me was meaningful for her during this time of separation is typing “Good morning” into the chat before or at the start of our virtual service. Then, I am no longer sitting at home by myself. I am worshipping along side all the good people of St. Mark’s.