Thoughts on Stewardship – Brent Welch

Brent Welch is married to Jolene, and they have three grown boys.  Brent works at Google.  At St Mark’s, he has served on the Vestry, sang in the choir, and helps out with Sunday live streaming.  While not working he enjoys playing Footbag (or Hacky Sack) with Jolene, walking and hiking, and working in their garden.  They live in Mountain View.

Stewardship is so important in times like this. As we make plans for next year, we can build on the strong foundation that has been evident in this difficult year. St Mark’s remains financially strong thanks to your support throughout 2020.

I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.  There is so much going on: live streaming Sunday services, our continued thoughtful Forum series, the new Sacred Ground series, virtual Youth Group and delightful children stories, fun events like Jim Welch’s organ concerts, various small group meetings via Zoom, outdoor services, and more! To help you keep up with everything, we send out an email every Sunday morning that has the weekly schedule and links to all the various online activities.  I am so impressed that we have all worked together to keep the community alive and supportive of its members.

Brother Eckhart’s thoughtful sermon on Stewardship explored the tensions we all have with financial support of the church and our own relationship with the church.  I can’t begin to do justice to that sermon in this note. But, I can refer you to our recently updated website where you can easily navigate from Worship to Livestream and you can review the October 25 sermon, or indeed any service since we started streaming in March! 

We have learned a lot as we turned into a virtual Church community. I remember a very rough Good Friday service with plenty of technical issues. Still, we pushed on and streamed the sunrise service for Easter. We had a brand new Assistant Rector Nikky.  What started as “a few weeks” of streaming has lasted more than 7 months!  By now, we have things mostly under control, and I have been fortunate to be able to help. In this time of Stewardship, you can help by planning thoughtfully for what you can afford to contribute to our St. Marks’ community.  Thank you.

Brent Welch

Stewardship Commission Co-Chair