This Sunday: All Saints, Baptism and Safety and Respect Moving Inside!

This Sunday: All Saints, Baptism and Safety and Respect Moving Inside!

This day, the Sunday after All Saints Day, our 10am service will be a glorious celebration, including a full immersion baptism, music from our choir once again and our official (re)gathering indoors. All Saints commemorates all those, known and unknown, who have lived good lives and who we see as “saints”, those close to us and those far. Below are ways to be safe. Please plan to join us!

All will be wearing masks and respect social distance inside the sanctuary. People will choose their own pew or chairs (placed in various distanced places.) This service will be live-streamed, as usual. We will also invite all who attend in person to wear a ribbon, if they wish, (available at the entrance) to signify for others their comfort level and self-care as to distance and contact inside the church.

For example:

  • a green ribbon means contact is fine (handshakes and high fives are ok)
  • A yellow ribbon means a person is more careful (elbows are fine)
  • A red ribbon means a person is cautious (please keep the 6 foot distance)

The clergy and staff of St. Mark’s desire for all to feel welcome, to feel safe, and to engage as they are able. Our priority is being able to gather as a community and respect each other’s needs as we continue to move through the pandemic. Please remember that our children are not yet vaccinated and each person among us is challenged in different ways in adapting to the present changes. Our hope is to keep the faith, respect the variety of experiences and grow together as a Christian community of love and respect. Please feel free to let us know of any concerns or suggestions that will support this hope!

Rev. Matt McDermott