The Examen

Trying to remember the steps from the Examen from Rev. Nikky’s sermon on Sunday? Here they are:

  1. Pray for illumination. Ask God to bring clarity and understanding through this process.
  2. Think back through your day with gratitude. Look for small moments of joy. Pay attention to people, things in the environment, work, rest, bits of your life for which you can be thankful.
  3. Reflect on your emotions. Whether “good” or “bad,” note what feelings came up for you: fear, boredom, anger, peace, delight, compassion — simply notice.
  4. Pick ONE of those things — one feeling or one event. Just one. Pray about it. This doesn’t have to take long. Offer God thanks or say you’re sorry or tell God you’re frustrated, whatever comes to mind.
  5. Look toward the next day. Take a moment to consider practically what’s coming up for you — what’s on your schedule — what feelings you already anticipate, and ask God for whatever help, courage, or hope you need.Remember, this process can be as lengthy or brief as you have time for. Try it on your drive home or when you wake up in the morning. Happy Advent!