Thank you to Hotel de Zink Coordinators

Our deep thanks to St. Mark’s  Hotel de Zink coordinators Susan Dansker and Jenny Jordan! Our guests who have been staying at St. Mark’s throughout August have moved on to the Unitarian Church of Palo Alto for September. This night shelter program is hosted at a different church every month, and St. Mark’s has been participating for over forty years. Susan and Jenny kept up the Meal Train, making sure our guests had a delicious dinner every night, and they served as liaisons with the Hotel de Zink supervisors and checked on their needs and the situation in the Parish Hall throughout the month. Thanks to all who provided meals and made our Hotel de Zink guests welcome here at St. Mark’s.

Hotel de Zink, is named after Police Chief Howard A. Zink, an early supporter of the project, and is part of the Life Moves Opportunity Services Center that provides emergency shelter, food, and case management services for adult men and women in Palo Alto. Click to learn more about Hotel de Zink.

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