St. Mark's Has Met Its Stewardship Goal...And Yet...

St. Mark’s Has Met Its Stewardship Budget Goal!

Stewardship:  to tend, or care for; to be responsible for.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have met our stewardship budget goal for 2021 of $690,300 – with two weeks to go before final budget decisions must be made by the vestry.  Congratulations, St. Mark’s -- all of us working together did it!  Even with all of the challenges of this very strange and difficult year, our church family has stepped up and made clear our commitment to our spiritual life together.  Thanks to all of you, our programs and ministries will remain strong.  The Stewardship Commission, the Vestry, and the Clergy and staff are deeply grateful for this generous expression of support.

At St. Mark’s we take stewardship of our parish seriously.  We know that our community remains strong when everyone makes a commitment to its support – however large or small.  Even in tough times, we take care of each other and our parish, which allows us to care for the community outside our church walls as well.

For this reason, we hope that those of you who have not yet made a commitment to St. Mark’s will do so.  Although we have met our dollar goal, the number of pledges we have received for 2021 – 162 -- is well below the number that we received last year – 182.  The amount of the pledge is far less significant than the act of making that commitment.  The church is healthier when everyone is engaged and participates.  In addition, the financial future is far from certain.  We do not yet know when we will be able to resume renting our facilities to outside groups or when we will find a tenant for the private apartment at the church.

Every parishioner can make a difference, and every pledge counts.  Thank you for being a part of the St. Mark’s community and for making a concrete commitment to it.

Please call the church office if you need a paper pledge card.  You can also pledge online by clicking on the button below.  Questions about stewardship?  Contact Carol Scott or Brent Welch, co-chair of the Stewardship Commission, or any member of the clergy.

If you have forgotten how wonderful our church community is, enjoy this video of it take by Charlie Rock and his drone.  If you have forgotten how much the church means to you, take a look at the personal reflections on St. Mark’s offered by 10 parishioners in the links below.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and faith-filled new year!  Thanks be to God -- all things come of Thee.


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