Stewardship Spotlight – Week 1 – from Katie Fantin

I am grateful that St Mark’s is a place of prayer and compassion. On Sunday mornings we pray for concerns all over the world, for those that are struggling financially or with depression, and for our political situation. When we pray together, when I hear our voices in unison I find myself so comforted by the fact that while things feel overwhelming to me,  God is at work even when I don’t always see it. I feel carried by the faith of others in prayer when I don’t always have faith myself. All of us in this room come from different experiences but are unified in our acknowledgment that we need God’s help. This community praying together gives me faith to keep persisting in prayer.  

I am also grateful when I see that our prayers motivate us to action. When I sit in outreach commission meetings and hear stories of people in this church who want to bring hope to those that are suffering,  as volunteers through the jail ministry or participating in the becoming beloved community groups, I feel such gratitude. Our work together in the world is a tangible way not to lose heart, as we walk into places of need, and see God show up in amazing ways.  

Katie Fantin