Stewardship PRayer

Stewardship Prayer

O God, Help me to remember it is you who leads me on the path ahead,
to remember that you have blessed me with all that I have and all that I am.
Help me to sacrifice out of a spirit of sincere love in the Spirit of Christ,
and humbly accept the challenge to share from my heart rather than from my excess,
Inspire me to be generous and give in proportion to the gifts I have been given.
Guide me in taking care of my body, my loved ones and all of creation.
Strengthen me when I will fail to be a good steward and give me the fortitude to keep trying.
Challenge me, O God, to live each day seeking a spirit of true peace, sensing the reality of a deep gracefulness and growing in gratitude for all the good and all the blessings I have known, now know and will know evermore,

In the name of your love,