stewardship 2022 – Week 1 Spotlight (Oct 13)

Stewardship 2022 is about to Begin Again! Every fall is an opportunity for the community of St. Mark’s to remember our purpose and support our mission. In other words, we remember the beauty, the resilience and the gratitude we see in each other, in our life together as a faithful community and we consider the invitation to pledge our personal support for the future of this mission.
This Sunday, October 17th, we kick off our Stewardship season with a sermon by parishioner and Vestry member Andrew Bridges. Join us to contemplate the meaning of Stewardship in a time of great challenge. How do we reflect the image of God in these days of great concern?

Some initial thoughts from Andrew are included here and each week we will share expressions of gratitude for the beauty and resilience of our faith from St. Mark’s parishioners. 
Please plan to join us for our outdoor Stewardship Brunch and brief program following our Sunday service on October 24.