St. Mark’s Evolving Mask Protocol  Spring, 2023:

St. Mark’s Evolving Mask Protocol 

Spring, 2023:

Having gratefully heard from various parishioners over the last month in person and through email, the Vestry has created a new mask policy which reflects both the desires and the safety concerns of the community. This policy is ‘evolving’, that is, it is dependent not only on the desires and concerns of the community but also on the status of COVID infections and we are open to further changes and adjustments.

For the 8am Service in the chapel

Masks are required except for 

  • When someone is preaching or reading scripture or making an announcement
  • When people choose to sit in one designated “non-masking area” 

People can sit where they choose. We will be sure to have ventilation.

For the I0am Service in the church: 

Masks are optional except for two areas, near open doors, that will be designated for “mask-wearers only.” These areas are: St. Nicholas chapel (front, west transept side of church), and three pews in the main sanctuary (rear three pews on the west side) 

Note: It is always an individual’s choice to wear a mask or not to wear a mask at any time during any part or parts of the service (such as singing). 

We will be sure to have some ventilation, i.e. some open windows or doors. 

For Small Groups Meeting at the Church:

Mask policy can be agreed upon by the people participating.

If anyone suspects that they may have been exposed or are feeling ill we encourage prior testing for COVID and, if ill, streaming the online service so as not infect others, especially those more vulnerable. We welcome ongoing feedback and suggestions.

This policy will be in place first on the 5th Sunday of Lent, March 26th.

Thank you!

The Vestry of Saint Mark’s