St. Marks CIC Ministry Needs

Calling all parishioners who can help! We are collecting supplies for our ministry in the local Santa Clara Correctional Institution (Elmwood Jail) and would appreciate your donations of the following materials.

These items will go directly to our St. Marks ministers working in the jail and will support our men’s writing program, our art program, our Sunday services, and our one on one visits, all led by Liz Milner. If you have any questions, contact Anne Anderson or Christine Shambora.

Please bring your items to the church where there is a special basket labeled for collection in the entry.

Thank you for support of this ministry.

Wanted Books (second hand or new) – paperback please!

The Courage To Heal (for adult survivors of sexual abuse) by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor

Tattoos on the Heart by Father Gregory Boyle

No Time to Say Goodby by Carla Fine

Life Sentences: Writings from Inside an American Prison by the Elsinore-Bennu Think Tank for Restorative Justice


Mead journals – black color (no metal binding allowed)

Boxes of crayola crayons – 12 colors

Small glue sticks as used by children

Box of golf pencils (No erasers or metal bands around them! Please check on this!!)

Origami paper (No glitter – check on this)