Sign Up for St. Mark’s Traveling Journal!!

Sign up to have St. Mark’s Traveling Journal visit your house! There are two Traveling Journals and our hope is they will become a record of our time together and our time apart, and how we’re sharing community and faith during this unusual time.

Here’s how it works. Once the notebook arrives, you are invited to draw, paint, write a journal entry, stick stickers or whatever media you like to describe how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and what you’re praying about. You can share what’s helping you and what’s hard about the last six months. You also get to read and see what other people have done with their pages! No pressure and no artistic talent required!

If you’d like to participate:

  • Email Lily Dodge to tell her you’d like to participate
  • Let her know if you’d like the Journal mailed to you, or if you’re comfortable with a volunteer dropping it off at your door
  • You’ll have the Journal for five days and then a volunteer will pick it up

The Journals are on their way – sign up today so they can visit your house!