El_SalvadorFollowing the ways of Jesus includes reaching out to the underserved in our local and global communities as well as reaching in to members of our own community who are in need. In response to needs of our world and to the many blessings of our own lives, St. Mark’s seeks to engage the whole congregation in the act of service by seasonal, focused, projects through hands-on activities, personal connection, and financial and material donations.

Maureen Simons and Susan Dansker, Chairs

The Alliance

The Outreach Alliance is a group of parishioners and clergy that gather together monthly to organize, plan, and implement outreach activities for the whole parish.  We have many talents and interests, and strive to come together to serve the wider good.  Anyone with an interest in service to others is welcome to join us.


There are many opportunities for volunteerism in our community.  Whether you’re interested in serving meals to the hungry or fundraising to combat AIDS in Africa, we can connect you to either our own programs or the various community programs that we support.