Searching for Sacristans

We are looking for a few more sacristans to join our small but mighty dedicated team! What is a sacristan’s job? Preparing the elements for Eucharist: They are the folks who set out the vessels and linens and refill candles and generally take care of what we need to celebrate the sacrament together. (Sacristan – a person, and sacristy – the room in the church, and sacrament are all rooted in the word sacred!)

This is a great way to support our common Church life without a huge time commitment. These folks often come into the space on Saturdays to get set up, but others prefer to arrive early Sunday morning. It is flexible to fit your schedule! If you’re interested, we will pair you with an experienced person to “shadow,” so you will have hands-on guidance in learning the ropes. This role is open to all ages (young folks with parental assistance)!

As a bonus, you will get behind-the-scenes knowledge on the difference between corporal and purificator, chalice and ciborium, lavabo and cruet (and if you already know all these words, you might be a sacristan in hiding). Come join us!

To learn more, email or call Rev. Nikky (, Shin-Mee Chang, or Anne Vosti.