Good Reads and Scripture Discussions

Good Reads

Cain: A NovelIn mid-September, the Good-Reads Book Group we will begin discussing Cain by Jose Saramago.  The last novel by Nobel Prize–winner José Saramago, Cain daringly reimagines the characters and narratives of the Old Testament. Saramago’s tale runs from the Garden of Eden, when God realizes he has forgotten to give Adam and Eve the gift of speech, to the moment when Noah’s Ark lands on the dry peak of Ararat. Cain, the despised, the murderer, is Saramago’s protagonist. Condemned to wander forever after he kills his brother Abel, Cain makes his way through the world in the company of a personable donkey. He is a witness to and participant in the stories of Isaac and Abraham, the destruction of the Tower of Babel, Moses and the golden calf, the trials of Job. The rapacious Queen Lilith takes him as her lover. An old man with two sheep on a rope crosses his path. And again and again, Cain encounters a God whose actions seem callous, cruel, and unjust. He confronts Him, he argues with Him. “And one thing we know for certain,” Saramago writes, “is that they continued to argue and are arguing still.”

This group meets bi-monthly via Zoom on Thursday afternoons, 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM.  All are welcome to join! Please contact Marie Highby for more information and Zoom link!

Scripture Discussion Jonah for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Misunderstood  Prophet of the Bible (The Bible for Normal People) (Audible Audio Edition):  Jared Byas, Jared Byas, The Bible for Normal People:

In early October, the St. Mark’s Scripture Discussion Group will begin discussing the Book of Jonah, and we’d love to have you join us! We will be using the study guide: Jonah for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Misunderstood Prophet of the Bible Paperback – May 28, 2022, by Jared Byas. This guide is from a series published by the organization: The Bible for Normal People   whose mission “is to bring the best in biblical scholarship to everyday people.”

The St. Mark’s Scripture Discussion Group meets bi-monthly Tuesday Evenings 7:00 PM  in the Kennedy Room. Please contact Ken Bencala < > for more information.

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