Safe parking help needed

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Palo Alto (UUCPA) has asked for our support of their Safe Parking application to allow 4 cars occupied by unhoused residents to park overnight only in their parking lot. The program is run by Move Mountain View.  The City of Palo Alto has approved the permit but Stevenson House residents have appealed the City’s decision and made suggestions that the UU Church feels are unreasonable. The Safe Parking Group in Palo Alto, of which Matt, MaryBeth Train and I are members, and Palo Alto Forward (same) support the UU Application.  It is our belief that if the appeal by Stevenson House is successful, no other church will be able to offer Safe Parking, which is a proven and safe program. Currently there is Safe Parking offered in Palo Alto at Geng Road and at the Highway Church. The City has put all other church applications on hold pending resolution of the UU Church application.

 Our help is needed in the form of letters sent to the City Council by August 5 and presence and speaking at the City Council meeting (zoom) on August 9.  Please see more information, a sample letter and links below. Support from those who live and work in Palo Alto would be especially helpful.

Please see here for examples for both group and individual statements aimed at the city council and a background document with more information.