Sacred Space at Home and All Souls Altar at St. Mark’s

Stop by St. Mark’s between 10am and noon on Saturday, October 31 to pick up materials for creating a sacred space at home. Most of us have designated places in our houses to eat, sleep, work, exercise, and play – why not also have a designated, special place to pray? Making a beautiful, peaceful place for prayer, silence, and remembrance in your home can be a wonderful, tangible way to draw nearer to God. We will have items available for you to take home to create your own altar – for remembrance, prayer, or contemplation. 

We will also create an “altar” in the courtyard at St. Mark’s as part of our observation of All Saints’ Day (Nov 1) and All Souls’ Day (Nov 2). To celebrate our departed Saints and loved ones, we invite your contributions. You may create a cross with your loved one’s name and/or add a photo to our altar. If you can’t make it during that time, you can email photos (with first names and relationship to you) to Brie Linkenhoker

All are welcome — including children and teens — to contribute to the community altar and to take materials and ideas for creating your own sacred space at home.