Sacred Ground Update

Over 50 people have joined one of five discussion circles for Sacred Ground (an Anti-Racism program from the Episcopal Church). They are led by five facilitators and eight co-facilitators. We have completed four of the ten sessions thus far, in which we meet monthly for a two hour zoom discussion session after having watched one or two videos, read 2-3 articles and a few chapters from two books (Waking Up White by Debbie Irving and Jesus and the Disinherited by Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman, a religious mystic).

Topics covered have been contemporary views of and where we find ourselves in thinking about racism in America, and the history of racism against African American and Indigenous people. The conversations have been deep and meaningful. We have learned a lot together and we have helped each other engage with difficult material. We are making progress towards becoming a more Beloved Community.  

We had thought that we would be able to open a new circle this winter, but the work has proven too challenging for the current facilitators to take on another circle at this time. Please let Diane Guinta or Trudi Reinhardt (contact info in CCB) know if you have questions about the program or would like to join a waiting list for a Fall 2021 Sacred Ground circle. And please let us know if you have any interest in being a facilitator for the Fall sessions.