Resources for parents in these challenging times

Dear Parents, grandparents and others who care for children,

These are, needless to say, painful and challenging days.  I wish very much that we could gather in person to talk, pray, and encourage each other.  Depending on the ages of the children you have at home, I imagine you’re  facing some tough questions.  

How to explain the events of these past few weeks in ways that are honest but not frightening?  What are our kids absorbing from our own anxieties and fears?  What do they need right now?  What conversations are appropriate when it comes to race, justice, violence, privilege, and protest?  

Below are some resources that faith leaders around the country have put together to help families during these days.  Included are book and podcast selections, conversation starters, and much more.  Please take a look, and use whatever you find suitable and helpful.  Meanwhile, if there’s anything we at the church can do to support you and your children in these conversations, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Wishing you God’s deep peace,

Children’s books on race and justice, listed by age appropriateness

Resources to help raise anti-racist children

100 Race Conscious Things to Say to Kids to Advance Racial Justice