Regathering OUtdoors – Begins on Sunday, September 13th!!

Due to the “excessive heat warning” that our area is under for this weekend, we will NOT be gathering in person this Sunday. The health risks of the heat combined with smoke have led us to believe this is the safest possible decision for all. We are accepting sign ups for Sept. 13, and will continue to monitor the situation. If you previously signed up to attend on the 6th, you may register for either the 13th or 20th.

The service will look something like this:

  • 5pm Sunday evenings
  • Gathering will be limited to 25 people. You will need to sign up in order to attend. We ask that you please sign up no more frequently than every other Sunday for now. We will reassess when we see how quickly slots fill up. Sign up here.
  • An individual or household unit in every other parking space: People may stay in their cars or bring their own seats; the front row will be reserved for people wishing to set up chairs or blankets (you may park in the back of the lot) [[read more can go here…]]
  • Blocked off areas to keep a minimum of 6’ distance
  • Everyone (over the age of 2) will be required to wear a mask
  • A simple evening prayer liturgy
  • Using your phone as a “speaker” (probably via a call-in – not video – Zoom)
  • No singing (or shouting, according to the county!)
  • No celebration of the Eucharist at this time (as per the Diocese)
  • Bathrooms will be open, but otherwise no one should enter the buildings