Re-keying update: it’s about safety for all!

As we gradually begin to regather in person, many of st. mark’s ministries are finding the need to access campus in some capacity, which is a wonderful thing! please do be aware, however, that in accordance with diocesan whole & healthy church policies and in line with our insurance requirements, the st. mark’s campus has been re-keyed (as communicated in december). while we have a great deal of trust in all our members, and especially in our long-time key holders, this is an important step in modeling healthy relationship, in safeguarding the most vulnerable, and in being good stewards of the places and things entrusted to us.

From the Diocese of California: “These guidelines are about being consistent for everyone; so new people aren’t held to a higher and more difficult standard than those whom we have relied on for their volunteer help for years. Clergy and staff are all background checked; we hold ourselves to the same standards we are asking of you (in fact, the clergy background checks go way deeper). It’s not that we don’t trust our clergy, staff, or volunteers, it’s about consistency and due diligence. There is also the insurance requirement that we know as much as we can about the people who have access to our building and our vulnerable constituents as part of the due diligence to show that we are taking every possible step to keep St. Mark’s and the Diocese safe.”

Therefore, if you will need a key to continue your ministry at St. Mark’s, please send an email to Kate Clover, our admin (, who will get you set up with the short online training course to complete and the background check form to fill out.

Thank you for your work as part of St. Mark’s. Thank you for helping us to comply with these policies and for being a part of our best-faith efforts to protect and safeguard the wider community.

For any questions or concerns, please be in touch with Rev. Nikky (