Put an Ornament On the Saint Mark’s Labyrinth Christmas Tree!

Come by and help decorate the Saint Mark’s Labyrinth Christmas tree on our patio!

Make or bring an ornament from home anytime through the Advent/Christmas season and put it on the tree at the labyrinth.  This can be a prayerful act of hope. The tree will stay outside, so please bring something that can withstand the rain and winter weather.  Be part of this new Saint Mark’s tradition as we celebrate Christmas together, while we are apart.

While you are here, you are also invited to take a meditative stroll through our Advent Stations in the All Souls Memorial Garden! Also, feel free to take one beeswax candle home to add to the center of your Advent Wreath. We will invite all to light these special candles during our live-stream 5pm Christmas Eve service.  The candles will be in a basket outside the office front door.