gratitude for Maureen and help for gaza

We are invited to show our gratitude for recently retired St. Mark’s treasurer Maureen Kennedy by supporting the Diocese of Jerusalem, a ministry dear to her heart! “Please let the people of Gaza know they are not forgotten.”

Please send a donation to St. Mark’s now to reduce the suffering in the Holy Land. The violence has been merciless. Yet, we can show mercy can we not? Executive Director, John Lent, of The American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem, an organization St. Mark’s has supported for years, could really use our help in supporting those suffering the most. Please send a donation to St. Mark’s and we will send a significant check from the parish as a testament of support for AFEDJ, including Ahli Arab Hospital in Jerusalem.

John Lent writes:

“The disaster happening in Palestine and Israel is heartbreaking and tragic. Violence between Jews and Arabs is spreading throughout the region and rockets and bombs have hit hundreds of targets in Gaza and southern Israel. Israeli troops are shelling Gaza from the ground near the border and the threat of a ground war is very real this morning. Please pray for the people of Israel and Palestine.

I spoke with Suhaila Tarazi, the director of Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, yesterday. I’d called her earlier and left a message. She called back in the early evening – the middle of the night in Gaza. I told Suhaila we could talk another time and she told me, “there’s no sleeping in Gaza.”

Throughout our call I heard explosions in the background. Suhaila said to me, “I’ve lived through three wars in Gaza and I’ve seen nothing like this. The destruction is everywhere. I can’t describe the horror and fear we feel. For the first time I am depressed and terrified.”

Suhaila went on, ‘The innocent in Gaza and Israel are dying. Men, women and children who have done nothing wrong. We ask God to inspire the war decision makers of Hamas and Israel to stop this new tragedy as there will be no winner in this war. We all are losers’.”

Photo Credit: Gaza City, May 12, 2021 | Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/