New Technical Video Producer

In December, Daniel Walker joined the St. Mark’s staff as Technical Video Producer, working with Rev. Nikky and our volunteer livestream team. Daniel is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a major in English and minors in Communication and Medieval Studies. He works as a video producer, having worked for Udacity, Apple, Google, Amazon and on a few award winning films. Daniel brings strong practical experience with the tools and methods of video production.

Daniel has taken over the most labor-intensive portions of preparing and running live online worship for the parish. This frees up a lot of time for our volunteers, who were already very active members: Brent Welch, Don Bennett, and Romain Kang. They continue to serve as proxy voices for the congregation during services online, as well as fill-in producers when Daniel is away.

We also recognize ongoing contributions of Simon Binns, who tapes Jim Welch’s organ preludes. Finally, Marius Milner has guided the development of our livestream systems with his knowledge of audio and video technology in addition to his professional association with YouTube.
Daniel is “very glad to join the team and excited to make the best livestream possible.” He can be reached at Daniel Walker. Welcome, Daniel!