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Ever since I was young, I’ve always been a part of church communities where there was a ready-made, cookie cutter answer for every problem life could throw at me. But cookie cutter answers no longer satisfy me. Thankfully, St. Mark’s isn’t a place that shies away from tough questions. The encouragement, book recommendations, teaching, voices, smiles and embraces I receive from the St. Mark’s community have really helped me on my spiritual journey. This community has provided a place for me to reflect on difficult feelings, wrestle with my faith, and be OK with asking questions that don’t have clear answers. At St. Mark’s, I’m learning to walk with faith and hope in Christ and with our whole selves, the baggage, and questions that we bring.

I love the community at St. Mark’s. We walk with each other and support one another through good times and bad. Since attending my first St. Mark’s service two years ago, I’ve witnessed the love and support this community shares with one another. The love that people show to each other makes me want to share that love, too. I am honored to support this community that embodies grace and peace—with my time, my resources, and my prayers.