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I grew up in Indiana, went to college in Kentucky, and came to California for graduate school in the mid ’90s. I studied neurosciences (PhD) and international policy studies (MA) at Stanford before moving to Houston for a postdoc in neuroeconomics. Upon my return to the Bay Area, I reconnected with Bill Newsome, also a neuroscientist, whom I married in 2009. In 2015, we welcomed our daughter Noelle, who joined older half brothers David and Jonathan. I grew up with varied religious influences, and was introduced to the Episcopal Church in high school. After losing my faith as a young adult, I returned to Christianity around 2005, and have attended St. Mark’s since 2012.

My company, Worldview Studio, aims to make science more accessible to everyone, and to help scientists and lay audiences alike navigate the tough societal issues connected to emerging science and technology. Outside of work, I follow the Giants and the Warriors, enjoy travel and photography with Bill, and dream of being able to host dinner parties and hear live music again post-Covid. At St. Mark’s, I sing in the choir, participate in community service events, and focus much of my energy on Children, Youth and Family Ministry activities.