Greetings from your Interim Rector


“How good it is when sisters and brothers dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1

And how good it is to be with you, the faithful of St. Mark’s as you continue in this season of transition in parish leadership. I’m grateful for the beautiful ‘amen’ you’ve been saying together in different ways over Matt’s ministry and tenure here. I pray you continue to discover blessings and nurturing from those many years of faithful service that inspire anew your witness to the Gospel.

It is likely that you already have questions about this transition, and I want to assure you they are welcome and natural and good. I also have questions and curiosity as I come to you in this new role, and I’m counting on us to learn together how to be faithful to the work and ministry of this season.

I commit to serving you and your vestry, staff, and ministry leaders with the resources and training that equip us for this road ahead. We will need your gifts, your presence, your courage, your generosity, your vulnerability, and your love for God and this place to help this season be generative and fruitful.

I look forward to meeting and knowing you better as your pastor and priest, and I give thanks to God for this invitation to dwell together in this season.

Yours in Christ,

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