Inquirers’ Class

Are you curious about why we do the things we do at St. Mark’s? Do you have questions about Episcopal history, polity, worship, or belief?  If yes,  register now for our upcoming Inquirer’s Class! Led by Rev. Matt McDermott, Rev. Nikky Wood, and Debie Thomas, this two-week course will offer participants a broad introduction to the traditions and practices of the Episcopal Church. This is a great class to join if you are a newcomer to our community, or if you simply have questions about the Anglican expression of Christianity. The class will also offer a fantastic preview of the more in-depth “Gifts of the Episcopal Path” course we’ll be offering in the fall.

The Inquirer’s class will meet on two consecutive Wednesday evenings (August 24th, and August 31st) at 7pm at the church. If you’d like to register, please email our formation minister, Debie Thomas, at by August 15th.  We look forward to seeing you there!